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What Makes Us Unique?

For nearly a decade Borano has been producing handcrafted Mahogany doors, windows, flooring and molding. Our unique product lines are custom tailored to meet the needs of luxury builders, architects and designers, as well as astute homeowners. We provide our customers with the finest True Mahogany available, and we never use imitation Mahogany (African, Luan), or any other inferior species in our products. We also never use dowels, pegs, screws or nails for our joinery. Borano utilizes old world Mortise-and-Tenon construction to build our beautiful products, because we believe that quality craftsmanship starts with what you can?t see, and continues to what you can. What makes Borano and its products unique?

  1. We provide the finest material, construction and craftsmanship. We build every product using only True Mahogany through and through. Our doors come with a standard thickness of 2 ?; our glass is 4 panes insulated laminated and is ? thick; our custom wrought iron grills are all hand forged; our joinery is true Mortise-and-Tenon; and all of our products are hand-carved by skilled artisans. Our quality and craftsmanship are quite simply unsurpassed.
  2. We give our customers full access to our custom tailored dashboard, using their own user name and password. This allows every client to login and view their quote and CAD, and allows them to track the progress of their order through every stage of production, crating and shipment.
  3. Every client works with a dedicated sales account manager. We believe that establishing strong relationships with our clients leads to long term success; this is why our customer service is just as important as the products we provide. Our account managers are here to answer any questions and provide solutions based on your specific requirements. They guide our clients through the easy purchasing process, and assist with choosing the best options and styles for their specific project.

Borano breaks the mold of ?normal? because we believe that what other manufacturers call ?standard? falls far short of perfection. We exist to provide the finest products, custom tailored to your needs and desires. We look forward creating the one-of-a-kind doors, windows, flooring and molding you require.